How to Properly Pack a Product in a Cardboard Box?

How to Properly Pack a Product in a Cardboard Box?

Posted November 11,2019 in Lifestyle.

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How to Properly Pack a Product in a Cardboard Box?

As an e-merchant, it is very important to know how to place and stall a product in its shipping container in order to avoid any disappointment to the customer. Discover our tips for making an impeccable shipping package.

Step 1: the choice of cardboard

Before starting to pack the product, choose the type of cardboard that is suitable for the product. One can distinguish a cardboard by its thickness, called groove. The groove is composed of one or more corrugated cardboard (s) surrounded by two sheets of flat paper. The more corrugated cardboard a corrugated cardboard is, the thicker it is, which allows the cardboard box to be strong. There are three types of cardboard:

the single corrugating medium has a single layer of corrugated cardboard which is used for light objects and resistant
the dual corrugating medium which has two layers of corrugated cardboard and is used to protect fragile objects and / or heavy,
the triple corrugated cardboard which has three layers of corrugated cardboard and which is used for very heavy and very fragile objects.

Step 2: setting up the product in the cardboard box
Once the type of cardboard chosen, it is necessary to place the product inside. To do this, it must be determined whether the product will need additional protection and / or a cushioning product.

The solid objects , such as a DVD set or a book, do not need additional protection. Simply staple them in the cardboard box with kraft paper so that they are properly transported to their destination.

The so-called fragile objects need additional protection: do not hesitate to surround these products with one to two layers of bubble film before placing them in the cardboard box surrounded by blocking particles.

Finally, with regard to very fragile objects or objects of unusual shape , it is recommended to place them in a first box (having previously taken care to surround the object in question of bubble film), to close it and wrap this cardboard with bubble wrap before placing it in a large cardboard box containing cushioning particles .

Step 3: closing the cardboard box
For an optimal closure of the cardboard, it is imperative to choose a quality adhesive tape with a strong adhesion. Thus, it will not come off after a few hours. We recommend using Hot Melt tape because, in addition to being environmentally friendly (the glue is water based), it is very resistant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Adhesives containing solvent cement are also recommended because their adhesion is instantaneous and durable.

To effectively place the adhesive tape and prevent the cardboard box from opening during its transport, the adhesive tape must be applied using the H method : the adhesive tape is placed on the cardboard flaps but also on the closing seals ( present on the sides of the cardboard).

Step 4: setting up the labels
Finally, here is the last step of packing a cardboard box: labeling. This step is very important because it allows to give a recipient to your package, so do not neglect!

The card must include the recipient's address but also the address of the sender because if the driver can not find the recipient, the package will be returned. It is therefore necessary to place the address and the waybill on the same side of the box and in the same direction of reading to facilitate the delivery. Be careful that these two labels are placed far enough from the edge so that they do not come off during the journey. If a label was already present on the carton, it must be removed or scratched so that only the new shipping address is visible and legible.

If you want to clarify to the deliverer that the contents of the carton are fragile, you can place a label with the word "FRAGILE" or "DO NOT GERBER" on it, always in the same reading direction as the address and the packing list.