Went To Something In The Range

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Posted September 9,2020 in Gaming.

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Went To Something In The Range

Glad to see all of the invasive mtx for RuneScape gold
That is why it pays to wait till the Q&A planned for now since today this post doesn't really age too. That boss seems like exactly what the game should spice up fishing. As an OSRS player, I don't understand why players still play rs3 if that bugs them so much. Plus the idea that you're already paying for OSRS. Am I missing some thing? Hey we're getting new mtx advertising! Take that OSRS.

Do not worry, we will get another MTX content copy-paste soon enough.

At this point if it would speed things up, I'd rather see them start to rewrite RS3 from the bottom up. We got the upgrade to stunt mine and a number of individuals reported broken banks. If a graphical update breaks core features of our character, Jagex seriously needs to consider building a (largely ) future evidence code on the game's base level. No more"engine function" excuses, no more"spaghetti code", and no more tick rate explanations. It would be faster and more economical to rewrite it QA'ing something only for something unexpected to break on discharge. Osrs actual game.

If not for OSRS Runescape would have likely been shut down completely by now, how bout rather than whining try being thankful that our game still exists. Eliminate the sinking ship. Cut your losses and start playing with OSRS. Did someone say my name? That can be cool, but OSRS still has quite a ways to go just like RS3.

RS3 does progress, it simply isn't valued as much I'd say. Mahogany homes is cool, but can it be better than, say, Changing Tombs? The thing is that no one cares about Changing Tombs because it's high effort. Even if wages are solid or it's decent for coaching - that buy runescape 3 gold simply doesn't matter to most people. Why would they bother doing a top effort method if they can AFK? If the same basic idea premiered on OSRS people would be like,"whoa" though.

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