How can players safely purchase RS Gold?

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Posted September 9,2020 in Gaming.

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How can players safely purchase RS Gold?

Everyone who has played RuneScape or Old School RuneScape will have the idea of ​​buying RS gold or OSRS gold, because we all dream of a life of openness, there is nothing wrong with this. But game developer Jagex is always at risk of being banned, so players are worried about buying gold. So can we safely buy OSRS and RS gold medals by taking appropriate precautions?

When you buy RuneScape gold, the seller should be trustworthy. Make sure you don't buy from individuals in Facebook groups or rough websites; otherwise, your risk will increase. This is because you don't know where this Runescape Gold comes from, whether it is legally grown or obtained legally, and you won't have any ideas until it is taken back from you and banned.

You will only be caught if Jagex discovers:

    A certain robot cultivated this kind of gold and traced it back to you
    Gold is obtained by swiping a card (buy bonds with the help of stolen credit cards and then sell them)
    The person you are dealing with has an IP address marked with RWT

How to protect you from being caught?

To be honest, the seller's responsibility is more to protect the buyer's identity, not the other way around. It is difficult to explain that it is full of technical aspects. However, some sellers should take all due care, that is, fail to identify whether their buyer has been arrested and banned for buying OSRS or RS gold illegally or unethically.

Legitimate sites do this in the following ways:

    Protect the buyer's data and information
    Always log in from an unmarked secure IP address
    Get gold from a premium account instead of a new level 3 account

Therefore, when you buy goods from such sites, there is almost no risk. Ideally, you should make sure that it is purchased from a site that has a 100% no-sale record for several years. When you decide to Buy Runescape Gold, please visit first. Years of supply experience will treat every real player indiscriminately. This means that they will take all possible precautions for the buyer, so you can safely buy from them.