According to these lists that are combined

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Posted September 9,2020 in Gaming.

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According to these lists that are combined

A massive part of Animal Crossing New Horizons has been the pursuit of particular New Horizons Items recipes and items, which has birthed a real-life black market of types. Marketplaces have popped up all around the area to assist connect players with those most sought after items, with payment to be arranged afterwards. These New Horizons marketplaces have sparked a bit of controversy from the game's brief history, with individuals paying large real money cash to get what they need to complete the most recent expansion to their homes. Some things are desired since the beginning, while others have more recently shot up in popularity. And needless to say, there are the goods which are must-haves for completionists.

According to Nookazon and Nook Market, two of their very popular New Horizons marketplaces on the market, the top five most asked for items of all time are: soft-serve lamp, cutting board, ironwood dresser, crescent moon chair, imperial bed and trailer, and fish bait. A number of those items are all too familiar, while some might appear somewhat odd to have appeared in the top five. Fish bait is one of the recipes in the game. All it takes is a manila clam, but since you can not craft in bulk and button mashing isn't for everyone, some want to outsource this particular fishing assistant.

The cutting board along with ironwood dresser are making waves in the game basically since the first. Both portion of the exact same design family the cutting board is half of the recipe for its oh-so-chic ironwood kitchenette along with the ironwood dresser not only matches but looks fantastic by itself. The imperial partition and bed are another pair of items from precisely the exact same design family to produce a top record. The crescent moon seat is a recipe just obtainable through Celeste, making it as rare as it is adorable. This chair is essential to any star-themed room or celestial aesthetic someone may be shooting for. Speaking of adorable, the soft-serve lamp being a top seller isn't a surprise--its own desirability actually speaks for itself.

According to these lists that are combined, it could be inferred that all of the most popular design themes are ironwood, cute, and royal. Getting the perfect home is such a focus of the game there is no doubt that these markets will continue to flourish while New Horizons remains popular. But we can begin to draw the line at promoting villagers.

Raymond has been especially popular, with a few people offering to exchange him for hundreds of Nook Miles tickets, even millions of Bells, or even real cash.

On the other hand, the huge majority of villagers sell for significantly more reasonable rates. J-Cast News, the news network that achieved to Nintendo for a remark about the villager exchange market, listed Dom for instance.

All of that is going to change. Although they have kept their silence for the past 3 weeks, a J-Cast News interview using a Nintendo public relations spokesperson revealed that Nintendo is very much aware of the villager exchange marketplace. The spokesperson condemned selling villagers and in-game things for real money, stating that such activities buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells are against Nintendo's terms and conditions. The spokesperson warned that players who continue to market New Horizons villagers and things for real money is going to be penalized.