Better Breathing

Two types of breathing influence your body state: conscious and unconscious. Unconscious is the kind you do without thinking about it and which keeps you alive, while conscious is where you actively use your breath to create a result, such as raising energy.

Posted May 5,2019 in Lifestyle.

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Better Breathing

The same elements come into play: speed, depth, whether you breathe via your mouth or nose, and the ratio of time inhaling to exhaling. Consider these…


The speed at which you breathe directly influences your nervous system, Slowing your breathing will calm you down. If you wish to energise yourself, you can breathe a little faster. Normal breathing has a pace of about 12-14 breaths per minute; to calm your body drop down to 5-7 per minute; to energise, speed it up to 15-16.


This is the vital part of good breathwork. You need to breathe deep into your lungs so your diaphragm moves up and down. Try to expand your belly and ribs as you inhale, and press them back in as you exhale.


Mouth breathers get a bad rap. Inhaling through your mouth is the best way to get a lot of air into your lungs quickly, however, it’s better to inhale through your nose as it stimulates your calming parasympathetic system. It also warms the air and filters out some pollutants and germs.


For normal breathing, your exhale should be slightly longer than your inhale. A count of four seconds in and seven out is ideal.