I gave Hall of Fame

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Posted September 9,2020 in Entertainment.

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I gave Hall of Fame

I played on Hall of Fame problem again, thinking to myself, maybe I got. So I played through the narrative mode and NBA MT Coins got drafted to the Warriors by nothing short of a miracle considering I was running a 5'10 185lb Slashing Playmaker Point Guard. Steph Curry took so many threes I was pissed off! Like DUDE! How can you miss shots that are such! They were planned by us! When I had been subbed in at Point Guard in the Quarter, we were down by around 20 or so points. I was able to help get us down to a deficit afterward following Klay Thomspon took one to the torso going for a layup I had been subbed out.

How the hell do you move from a 5 point deficit to 40!! We lost that match 110 to 70!! I scared my dog, I was so pissed off! So yeah long story short, never enjoying Hall of Fame again! I'll be playing on those difficulties from today on Superstar or all-Star is a lot more manageable for me. You may tell me to find good or whatever, but it ain't gonna fix it. 2K has a serious problem in their hands and I can only beg that 2K21 fixes this. But understanding 2K. I'm not holding my breath.

I really wish they would alter the difficulty functions. Make the staff shield you better or something, don't simply turn all my team mates into selfish idiots. Hall of Fame difficulty makes it so shitty to perform on a team with your favourite players. It is not fun playing Giannis when he can't hit a open layup, or using Steph if he can not reach an open jumper to save his life. Knowing 2K they won't fix any of the. 2Ks lazy so instead of programming better iq they play with the sliders. Its the same way for myteam.

I meanyou get more minutes as the year advances. And you are going to find the ball. Your teammates are stupid is the issue! Why would I play with with a problem where my teammates make more errors than I do? All I am saying is that you will have the 4th quarter eventually and will be able to control the outcomes. Who cares about your mates, you ought to have the ball and shoot shots or Cheap 2K MT dish to a broad person on every possession in mycarreer. They may miss a couple of shots but will go in. AI intelligence is so low it's like they don't know how to play or have never played pro ball! That's the problem. I don't care about my player's minutes. I want my teammate AI to be.

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