Let us see if next gen 2K makes a leap

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Posted September 9,2020 in Other.

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Let us see if next gen 2K makes a leap

What do I anticipate it to look like? Graphics are pretty much maxed out on present gen. This trailer included college teams and a brand new playground (2k shore ), which you could not even put in your trailer. Yeah the console came out on NBA MT Coins hardware that was decided on 7years back and was underpowered in the time. I mean, is not the be somewhat expected? Let's see if next gen 2K makes a big leap. It's a sport game I doubt gameplay will have large advancements ever. I'm more curious to see how they make my career and my league more intriguing. If they make no changes there I will agree with you.

They did this with 2K14 back when the PS4 and Xbox One dropped, this was certainly anticipated, the only difference is that they have been copying gluing these previous 3 titles, next gen has to show out whenever they charging $70 for this particular btw. I don't get"but the match never stopped". . . it ceased for months. Y'all of niggas anticipated a new adventure in a production jump? I can tell y’new to the series lmaoo.

I mean. . I don' t know what exactly are you anticipating. It's pretty logical that 2k will devote all of their efforts into more rewarding and more potential next gen version. PC has been like a type that is secondary they don't care about.

Another thing - what exactly do you desire? I think game has improved massively throughout the last few years and we are coming to the point at which it is hard to make huge updates on like current gen. it is a baseball game. You can not consider something.

The price - yes it is large. They understand they dont have contest so they are covetous and price is high at least at the beginning. My suggestion is to wait for a few months because buying it today would literally not even offer you fresh rosters, lol. Wait till nba draft, until free service and buy it. There are often discounts that make it reasonable. And that our dumbasses still purchase it every year.

I think everyone's been saying and agreeing that present gen 2k21 will be a copy & paste match. You are out of Buy NBA 2K Coins your mind if you expect more than a basic feature set upgrade. They are going to want to help consoles and are in the business of earning money.

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