Could You Have Inflammation?

You can't diagnose inflammation yourself; blood tests are the only true way at the moment.

Posted December 12,2018 in Lifestyle.

Amanda Lee
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Could You Have Inflammation?

However, there are some questions you can answer to give you an idea of whether you have chronic inflammation on some level.

Answer "yes" to any of these and you should huddle up with your doctor for advice and testing.

  1. Am I overweight?
  2. Do I carry much of my excess weight around my middle?
  3. Do I eat a lot of junk and ignore fruits and vegetables?
  4. Do I spend days at a desk and evenings on a couch?
  5. Am I tired all the time?
  6. Am I unhappy, angry, and stressed a lot of the time?
  7. Do I smoke, drink alcohol in excess, or use drugs?
  8. Do I have allergies or sensitivities to food or the environment?
  9. Has my doctor tested me for insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, or type 2 diabetes?