5 Sneaky Ways to Drop Pounds Without Dieting

Discover simple easy way to loose your weight without dieting

Posted December 12,2018 in Lifestyle.

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5 Sneaky Ways to Drop Pounds Without Dieting
  1. Brush your teeth right after dinner to make having seconds or dessert less appealing.
  2. Put a child lock on the kitchen cabinet where you keep snacks. Opening the lock takes just long enough to allow you to rethink  what you're about to eat.
  3. Put a treadmill in your TV room. You're only allowed to watch TV if you’re walking on the treadmill (or doing bodyweight exercises like squats during commercials).
  4. Stop eating what your kids  don't finish.
  5. Is your old college dorm mini fridge gathering dust in your basement? Wipe it off and take it to your office. Stock it with yogurt, fruit and vegetable snacks, and lunches  every Monday.