Windows 10 S to Become a Mode of Windows 10

Windows 10 S will cease to be a standalone product next year, as it evolves into a mode for the full-fat version of Windows 10.

Posted April 4,2018 in Education.

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Windows 10 S to Become a Mode of Windows 10

The announcement was made on Twitter by Joe Belfiore, corporatevice-president at Microsoft’s operating systems group, while discussing why Windows 10 S was omitted from a blog post highlighting the success of Windows devices in education.

“Next year 10 S will be a ‘mode’ of existing versions, not a distinct version,” Belfiore said.

Windows 10 S is a locked-down, streamlined version of Windows 10 targeting the Chromebook’s dominance in education. As well as being less resource-intensive than Windows 10, it also only allows programs to be installed from the Windows store, making it both more secure and less open to misuse.

The plans mark a change in strategy from how Windows 10 S is distributed at the moment, where it is only available as a standalone product, albeit one that can be upgraded to the full version of Windows 10 for a one-off fee.

Pricing has yet to be confirmed, but reports suggest that Windows Pro users would need to pay a one-off fee of $49 (£35) to unlock the full mode, not unlike the current situation with Windows 10 S.