WOW Classic was done

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Posted August 8,2020 in Other.

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WOW Classic was done

Anyone who considers Dal Rends to be BiS on a hunter needs to reconsider. The difference between this and BSHx2 is tiny, and no group in their right mind if going when a priest or priest needs to let a hunter roll on Rends. WOW Classic hunters should be able to classic gold wow roll on any weapon that melee dps don't want, and nothing which melee dps do want. However, guilds ought to also have an alt policy in order, once you're playing with an alt, you don't have to roll anything that any principal wants. That is the only way.

I am not reading into this too much, probs a hiring decision by Blizz but because WOW Classic is a topic for gaming news. Doubt you hire someone for a reasonable salary to get people to write about it. I don't think that's exactly what he was saying, more-so blizzard hired her and sensationalize and gaming outlets will try the hire for clicks.

I have done the same sort of server WOW Classic progression - in when the interest wanes until 4-5 expansions - From the beginning, no equipment. It year, a fantastic year and a half followed by a year and a half before the desire to play comes back. TLPs brought me into EQ, I played Agnar to see what came prior to wow, its a very fun match, also ive been expecting TLPs because they announced WOW Classic.

Yeah, the thing about TLP is the timelines for WoW are so much different. However, it might make sense to perform 2 months of a patch that is certain before going on, as to keep it operating. A cycle time to Wotlk may be maybe 18 weeks in the end. There is work to be carried out certainly, therefore it is going to have a good time for them to get ready for this type of business model however.

EQ is experiencing complete expansions in 3 weeks I would hope that WoW being faster paced would have a"patch" every month (and maybe a bit faster for BWL/ZG since they are proven to be a cakewalk if you have been farming MC for quite long). As much as I enjoy the current game, if it tried again it would have to be a cycle that is quicker content to keep me curious. Farming MC for ~5 weeks would not be an exciting prospect again.

WOW Classic was done. The everquest time locked development servers weren't. Hybrids, like rangers, didnt get charms until level 9. But because of how tightly coupled the client info and biomedical data are and how hard-wired it's, they decided to not make the same attempt the WOW Classic staff didn't provide another client/client database to conduct legit old content. Therefore, hybrids start getting their charms at level 1 or 2. And that is just an example. The list goes on zones use graphics and layouts. Imagine orgrimmar in cheap wow classic gold? It would just be incorrect. That's what everquest tlp did with Freeport and the lands that are.