EA reveals Madden NFL 21 first set of quarterback X-Factor abilities

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Posted July 7,2020 in Gaming.

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EA reveals Madden NFL 21 first set of quarterback X-Factor abilities

Madden NFL 21 will see the return ability of X-Factor that debuted last year, while also incorporating a number of new additions to the game. In addition to the X-factor that appeared in Madden NFL 20, the new 50 will appear in the game this year. With Madden NFL 21, set to release in just a few weeks, EA has pulled back the curtain on some of the new capabilities that fans can expect to see. Kicking off a week focused on the X-Factor, EA has revealed the ability of six quarterback. Descriptions for each X-Factor comes directly from the EA website.

Madden 21 will feature more than 50 ability of X-Factor. They will reveal every day of the week. Kicking things off, EA is focused on the ability of the X-Factor for the league's top quarterbacks.

Madden NFL 21 X-Factor Ability To QBs

    Patrick Mahomes: Bazooka - Max throwing distance increased 15+ yards
    Lamar Jackson: Truzz - Immune to fumble when he was in the zone
    Tom Brady: Pro Reading - Highlights first open targets and accelerate throw
    Drew Brees: Pro Reading - Highlights first open targets and accelerate throw
    Russell Wilson: Blitz Radar - extra Blitzers Highlights
    Aaron Rodgers: Gambler - Do not be intercepted by the defense AI

Aaron Rodgers may have the ability to benefit most by Gambler X-Factor. When Gambler active, past can not be intercepted by the AI, so the ability to store at least some turnovers every so often. fair ability Rodgers' may be challenged as the best by the new capabilities Lamar Jackson. Named after the nickname of Jackson, Jackson can make the Truzz ability fumble while active. The ability to do reasonable for Jackson's extraordinary ability to scramble without losing the ball, but the ability to definitely cause some nightmares for defenses.

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