Secrets for Staying Motivated

Discover 23 secrets to boost your spirit and motivation!

Posted March 3,2018 in Sport.

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Secrets for Staying Motivated

1. The best trainer is inside your head.

“Positive self-talk can motivate you to stay active. While you exercise, tell yourself you’re doing a good job. You’ll be more likely to exercise again the next day.”

—JAMES WHATMORE, owner  of Whatmore Performance Training, Lakewood Ranch, FL.

2. A little prep goes  a long way.

“I always set out my exercise clothes the night before. This helps me roll out of bed and get moving.”

—KINDAL BOYLE, certiied personal trainer at Fit Women’s Weekly, Charleston, SC

3. Success requires some inner digging.

“My clients who have the best results know why they are there. So think about what’s inspiring you to stay active, and then ind a way to come back to it daily.  I write my goals on sticky notes and post them on my bathroom mirror.”

—TRACY YANCEY, personal trainer at Prescriptive Fitness, Charlotte, NC 

4. Being slower and weaker has its perks.

“Invite a friend or family member who’s in better shape than you are to go on a walk. I always push  myself harder when I’m working out with someone who is stronger and faster than I am.”

—ASHLEY DRUMMONDS, certiied personal trainer,  Tampa

5. You’re more likely to stick with morning workouts. 

“Of course, the best time to exercise is when you’re going to show up. But the further you get into the day, the more likely it is that something will get in the way. I’ve noticed that my evening clients tend to cancel more often than my morning people.”


6. Workout buddies don’t have to be close by. 

Thanks to technology. My friend lives across the country but still keeps me accountable.


7. The right outfit can make all the difference.

“When I slip into a cute ensemble, I look in the mirror and think, Game on!”

—BROOK BENTEN JIMENEZ, ACSM- certiied exercise  physiologist, Austin, TX

8. Resistance training should be your top priority.

“To truly transform your body, you need to strength-train, whether that’s with body weight, free weights, resistance bands, or a combination. You’ll not only build muscle but also burn fat and reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis.”


9. Squeezing in squats throughout your day is as good as going to the gym.

“Every time I bend down to pick something up—whether that’s a pair of shoes or a bag  of groceries—I squat.  I end up doing dozens of squats per day, which strengthens my whole lower body.”

—SUSIE  HATHAWAY, personal trainer, Fairield, IA

10. There’s really no such thing  as spot reduction. 

“You can’t remove fat from one part of your body by performing exercises that target that area. If you’re concerned about a problem area, you need to drop fat from your entire body.”

—RUI LI, owner of New York Personal Training, New York City

11. It’s easier to cut calories  than to burn them off.

“Some clients work out with me for several months and wonder why they haven’t lost more weight. I’ll take a look at their diet, and it’s usually very easy to see why their bodies aren’t changing. Weight loss is 80% what you eat and 20% how much you work out.”

—LINDSAY WRIGHT, owner of MoveMore Fitness, Franklin, NC

12. Internal trainiing burns mega calories.

“Exercising at a  challenging pace for  30 seconds, then slowing down to catch your breath  for a minute, will  give you a better metabolic boost  than exercising at  a steady pace.”


13. Crunches waste time.

“Planks and full-body exercises like squats, which also strengthen the core,  are best.”


14. Your body is a better detector of how hard you’re working than your fitness tracker is.

“The formulas devices use to measure exertion aren’t always accurate. Instead, be mindful about how you feel during your workout. If your goal is to work out at high intensity, you should feel wiped out after about 30 seconds.”

—MIKE CLANCY, owner of MikeClancyTraining, New York City

15. Moving side to side will tone you faster.

“Most of the exercises we do, like walking and running, have a forward-backward motion. However, adding lateral motion—such as side-to-side shuffles or side lunges and leg lifts—will help strengthen your hip and thigh muscles while shaping your backside.”

—KATE WHEELER,  certiied personal  trainer, Charlotte, NC

16. Ten minutes a day makes a difference.

“Researchers have found that people who exercise for 10 minutes every day are more likely to reach their itness goals than those who exercise for an hour once a week. Not only is breaking workouts into tiny chunks more doable, but the time really adds up. Plus, when you exercise a little every day, it becomes part of your lifestyle.”

—RAPHAEL KONFORTI, national director of itness for Youit Health Clubs, Fort Lauderdale, FL

17. Your body is an amazing piece of equipment.

Even something as simple as a plank or wall push-up can tone your body.


18. Stealth strengthening really works.

“You can exercise your lower body while sitting at work or standing in line at the grocery store by squeezing your glutes 10 seconds at a time. No one will ever know you’re doing it!”


19. Circuits do double duty.

“To age well, you need cardio for heart health and strength work for metabolism. I love circuits in which you alternate between cardio drills and toning exercises; you can combine all of it into one workout!”

—CHRIS FREYTAG,  itness expert, Minneapolis

20. Variety is the spice of fitness.

“Even if it’s just 1 day a week, diversifying your workout will reduce your risk of an injury caused by repetitive motion. It will also keep you from getting bored.”


21. It’s not a good idea to do static stretches before you exercise.

“We now know it actually increases your chance of injury. Instead, do something to get your blood lowing, like jogging in place or walking and swinging your arms.”


22. Foam rolling is a freat way to ease pain and tightness.

“It should be a part of everyone’s regular routine, no matter what type of activity they do.”


23. There is healing power in a warm bath.

“The hot water increases blood flow to your muscles and loosens your joints.”