Canon brings 4K to its M50 CSC

Canon’s latest announcement brings an impressive AI-powered flashgun, as well as Digic 8 and 4K UHD video.

Posted March 3,2018 in Science and Technology.

Matt Stevano
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Canon brings 4K to its M50 CSC

Canon has unveiled a raft of new cameras and accessories,  including an artificial intelligence flashgun and news that 4K UHD video has finally come to its consumer mirrorless line-up.

The entry-level 1300D has made way for its replacement, the newly-named 2000D, which boasts a 24.1MP sensor. The Japanese tech giant also unveiled a more basic entry-level body, the 4000D, which features an 18MP sensor and a number of no-frills cost-cutting options that will appeal to budget-conscious users looking to take their first step into DSLR photography.

A new flash was also announced. The 470EX-AI is a Speedlite with a twist. Featuring a powerful GN of 47, it also includes a motorised head and a tech Canon is calling AI (artificial intelligence) Bounce. Once turned on and pointed at your subject, a button will trigger a
single flash to gauge the distance from the camera, and the head will point to the ceiling and fire a second flash to gauge the power needed. When you fire in this mode, you will have a perfectly illuminated scene with the flash light bounced from the ceiling. If you move the camera’s orientation, the flash will realign itself to the ceiling ready for the next shot.

The final surprise is the EOS M50, a compact 24.1MP CSC which lays between the M100 and M5 and M6 models. Not only does it introduce the latest Canon Digic 8 processor to the market, but it also includes 4K UHD video, a first in Canon’s consumer range.