He sounds insecure

Doing different things and Provided that you find a balance between gambling, I do not really see it negatively though.

Posted May 5,2020 in Gaming.

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He sounds insecure

Just asking, since RuneScape appears to OSRS GP be in the way of my relationships. Is having issues with me needing to get back to RuneScape and perform since I used to have some long-distance relationships with guys I met on RS3 years ago. He simply isn't comfortable for my previous on RuneScape and it's making us very worried because I really, really want to come & play back occasionally but it's causing tons of arguments. Does anybody else have issues in their connection, or possibly a previous relationship or even small issues because of Runescape? When it's a etc, or an addiction? Just curious if I am the only one going through 13, to see.

I really don't think asking this question on a runescape related subreddit will get you any objective answers, because most people will say it's no problem. However in my eyes, it can easily turn into a problem, depending on how much time you spend on RuneScape. I suggest playing games that contributes to problems like assigning gambling along with other things like relationships and can be an addiction, eating, doing some type of sport living a life that is wholesome. Doing different things and Provided that you find a balance between gambling, I do not really see it negatively though.

He sounds insecure, and imo it is not your responsibility to accommodate his jealousy / insecurity by limiting yourself and limiting what you get pleasure out of / what hobbies you might have. Jealousy / paranoia is a red flag rather than a characteristic in a spouse. Contrary to the thread's topic - I have had experiences with becoming my partner to perform RS3 and anything. I'm a lesbian girl and not one of my earlier spouses have wanted to try RuneScape at all [mainly because gaming / runescape is more male orientated / not particularly woman friendly completely,] despite me trying to have them interested until my present girlfriend [a OSRS participant ] and I did magic mushrooms every month.

Her tripping [we shot 7 g together over two days] made her more open to wanting RS3, made her feel much less judgmental about RuneScape / allowed her to tolerate RuneScape, and since then she's created a HCIM to join my ironman from the clan I'm an admin in. We will do dailies together like nemi forest or caches and RuneScape ability together despite me being ~2700 total, and after 1.5 months of playing, she is 1.3k total with buy RS3 gold me tutoring her and stuff about RuneScape.

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