Give Yourself a Little Lift

It’s the constant bending and extending of the neck that puts pressure on the skin, which over time results in deep wrinkles, loss of elasticity and, as you age, sagging.

Posted March 3,2018 in Lifestyle.

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Give Yourself a Little Lift

While you can get away with swiping what’s left of your day or night cream over the neck in your 20s and 30s, by your 40s and 50s this area is going one way. What it needs now is twice-daily hydration, protection from the elements, and if you have space in your budget, some skin rejuvenating ingredients to slow down the clock. These anti-sag formulas are also suitable for use on the breasts:

  • Sorbet Salon Body Bust & Neck Firming Cream’s combo of allantoin, Q10, cafeine and isoleucine, an essential amino acid, helps refine and contour the area, improving elasticity and regenerating the skin.
  • Theravine ICT Sculpting Neck Volumator incorporates Uplevity, a firming peptide that helps to strengthen and fortify skin by stimulating the most abundant collagens in the skin.
  • Clarins Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel is a refreshing gel that immediately tightens and helps firm the delicate skin from breast to chin thanks to star apple extract, which helps boost collagen production. 
  • Payot Perform  Sculpt Roll-On is packed with rejuvenating peptides and the roller ball helps stimulate the area’s muscles too, giving it a gentle workout.
  • Lamelle Dermaheal Ageing Reversal Neck Serum works by boosting collagen production, tackling the chronic inflammatory response while leaving the healing response unafected and raising enzyme levels in the skin.