The Healthy Fats

Avos are fruits rather than veggies – actually a type of berry.

Posted March 3,2018 in Natural.

Amanda Lee
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The Healthy Fats

They’re renowned for their healthy fats that help protect against cardiovascular diseases, and release their energy slowly, helping to keep blood sugar levels steady, which makes them perfect for diabetics, active kids, athletes, and those  watching their weight. Their antioxidant properties help keep eyes and skin healthy too. Avos are usually eaten raw, sliced or mashed (guacamole) in salads, wraps, hamburgers, sandwiches or nachos. But they’re also delicious crumbed and deep-fried or as a replacement for fat (butter or oil) in baked goods. They’re used to give dairy-free and vegan recipes their creamy texture in ice cream and chocolate mousse. Avocado shouldn’t be refrigerated unless  they’re ripe.